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Kettner & G
House of Glass

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K&G House of Glass (est. 2023) is our very own glassblowing studio, located in the back of the store. We strive to provide one-of-a-kind, high-quality pieces, fresh out of the kiln, and what better way to accomplish that than  by making our glass ​in house? 


Kettner & G Tabacaria is the only smoke shop in San Diego that does both: blow glass and sell it! This type of horizontal integration with the glass industry allows us to stay ahead of the curve by always thinking outside the box.


Our space is available for glass artists to rent at an hourly or monthly rate. Additionally, we partner up with the resident glass artists to offer glassblowing classes to the public.


Have you ever wanted to try glassblowing?

Now is your time. 

​About our studio

Our studio is equipped with the industry's best for the most optimal glassblowing experience. We provide oxygen, propane, an 1000 CFM exhaust fan, a Bethlehem Bravo Torch, and a Paragon kiln that holds an average of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit to anneal the glass.


​Photographs by Will Burke.

Featuring Artist

Jack Barnes

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Introducing Jack Barnes, a local glassblower from the sunny shores of San Diego. With over four years of experience in the art of flameworking, Jack specializes in crafting a diverse range of masterpieces, from mesmerizing space marbles to functional pipes and unique pendants.

Driven by a relentless desire for innovation, Jack loves to push the boundaries of glassblowing. Constantly exploring new designs, colors, and techniques, they infuse their work with a unique blend of creativity and experimentation.

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